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3 week Expedition led by Nick Sanders, arguably the most famous adventure motorcyclist alive ( google him amd go to wikepedia ... world record holder on a push bike and motor bike, sailed a narrow boat on the longest measured such journey ever and generally a pioneering chap ! ).

15 adventure motorcyclists travelled to Algirciras, southern Spain in October of 2012 and took a ferry to Ceruta across the Gibraltan straights into Morocco.

Expedition covered 2500 miles over 3 weeks effectively touring every part of Morocco from the deepest parts of the Western Sahara to crossing the two of the highest mountain passes in Africa, ( Tiz n Test 7500 ft and Col de Tika ) , visited the oldest Roman ruins outside of Italy, ( Volubilis ) and the village where the arena scenes in Gladiator were shot ( Ait Ben Haddou ), travelled to Marrakechand back into Spain and then home. We crossed the Atlas and Riff mountains four times and all riders contracted severe diarrhoea, one even getting Heat Stroke in 46 degree c temperatures across the sahara.

On day 1, i crashed my Suzuki VStrom Explorer at 60mph on an acute gravel strewn bend and rode on with a bent front fork, limited front suspension and bruises.

On day 4 i travelled into the depths of the sahara by camel and intended to spend the night under the stars with a small group of Berbers, but was stung in the night by Killer white Scorpion , requiring emergency treatment and emergency evacuation to medical care at midnight via quad bike ! 95 % of children aged 15 or under die from stings from this beasty !

Presented with a sculpture at the end of the trip by Nick Sanders for being "tough, resilient and the most improved rider " on the trip.

All of this should be put in the context that I only got my bike licence in Sept 2011 and now have a stable of 8 bikes including two Harleys and a Triumph Super Bike ( Daytona 955i ) !!!!

Prior to this trip I rode through the Picos mountains in Northern Spain with the Deputy Editor of Ride Magazine, Simon Weir on my Daytona with Caroline as my pillion !

Next year, I'm travelling 9000 miles across America with Nick Sanders on my Harley and in 2014, I'm travelling through Mongolia off road over 7 weeks, with Unicef and giving my bike to a local hospital for the medical team to have as off road transport. Visit:


Each journey is a personal challenge, a chance to
test myself, explore foreign lands and return with
a deeper appreciation of life and the nature of
embracing one’s goals and dreams. I bring this
spirit of adventure and determination to achieve
my goals into everything Broad Oak does.
Hopefully my passion will help others to make their
own professional goals come true, irrespective of
the challenges faced!

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